Hi my name is Suzanne
Here is the story of my journey so far, well it all started with a Firewalk in the beginning of May 2009 which led me on the path to do my Reiki training -through this I discovered the benefits of giving and receiving Reiki, which fuelled the fire urging me on to learn more about Holistic Therapies. It was from here that I moved on to studying at West Lothian College where I became a fully qualified Complementary Therapist.

There have been many twists and turns on my path to get to this point, including doing more courses to learn new treatment techniques such as Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage which has now become my most popular and rewarding treatment. Seeing the improvement in my clients quality of life due to increased mobility and reduction of the amount of pain they are experiencing. Brings me joy and great satisfaction and inspires me to strive to do the best I can for all of my Clients.

In May 2016 I took another big step on my journey to where I am now which was to train to become a Firewalk Instructor with The SUNDOOR school of Transpersonal Education. So 7 Years almost to the day of when I attended my first ever Firewalk not having a clue what they are all about or what it involved to walk across hot coals, and not realizing how much of a profound impact attending that Firewalk would have on my life. I was back at Tir na nOg a place I now hold very dear to my heart , my spiritual home from home if you like. A place where I have now attended countless Firewalks and met some amazing people along the way.. Over the last 7 Years anytime I have been going through difficult times or had that deep down feeling in my gut that there was something I need to let go of or a big decision I needed to make I was always drawn to do another Firewalk. This time to take the leap and become and instructor. I now feel honored to be a Sundoor Instructor and to be able to pass on the spark of inspiration that helped me get the fire in me rekindled and gave me the gumption to charge of the direction of my life.